Thursday, June 2, 2011

Savings $$

Went grocery shopping today.  Our first stop was Publix.  My total was $85.44, and I saved $49.17 :)  My next stop was Winn Dixie. Total: $22.11, Savings: $10.28.  So, my grand savings for today was....$59.45! YAY!!

Publix had a B1G1 sale and I used coupons on top of the sale.  Two items = two coupons! (or, one coupon if it is off two items) I was able to buy two boxes of cereal normal price $4.45/ea @ $1.75/ea; Country Crock spread normal price $2.29 @ $0.34; Fruit Snacks normal price $2.93 @ $0.97; Toaster Strudel normal price $2.89 @ $1.50.

What were your best savings this week?

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