Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back on Board

It has been over a week since my last post.  Why? I was sick and out of the game for awhile, but I'm back in it today :)

I'm headed to the store why my coupons in hand.  I've been keeping them in an envelope, but today I am going to buy the supplies needed to create my very own coupon binder.


Binder 3-4"
Page Protectors 38-40
Baseball card holders

The clear baseball card holders will hold my like coupons that will be categorized and placed into the page protectors.

These are the categories suggested by the Krazy Coupon Ladies...

1. Produce
2. Salty Snacks
3. Granola Bars & Fruit Snacks
4. PB & J
5. Fruit
6. Vegetables
7. Pasta
8. Soup
9. Baking
10. Breakfast
11. Prepared Sides & Rice
12. Condiments & Salad Dressing
13. Drinks
14. Refrigerated
15. Yogurt
16. Freezer
17. Candy
18. Baby
19. Reynolds Ziploc
20. Paper Products
21. Surface Cleaners
22. Laundry
23. Dish Washing
24. Miscellaneous (batteries, school supplies, etc)
25. Air Fresheners & Candles
26. Vitamins
27. First Aid
28. Beauty
29. Oral Care
30. Soap & Body Wash
31. Hair Care
32. Lotion
33. Shaving & Deodorant
34. Feminine Hygiene
35. Pet
36. Cold & Allergy Medicine

I think I will tweak this list to fit my shopping preferences, but this is the general idea for organizing your binder by category.  KCL also suggests organizing your binder by date. 

Do you use a binder? If not, give it a try!

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