Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Coupon Policy

So excited my coupon binder is all put together :)  I'll have to make a few more tweaks over the next few weeks, but I don't have coupons sitting in piles all over the place.  It feels so good to be organized!  And my sweet husband has volunteered to make the cover page for the outside of my binder, thanks babe you are amazing.

My next step is to print out the coupon policy for each store that I plan to shop with.  Why?  From what I have been reading most cashiers don't really know their own coupon policy: some stores double coupons, some stores combine coupons, and some stores have limits on coupons, etc.  (e.x. Rite Aid does not let you use B1G1 coupons with a B1G1 sale, according to their policy.)  Hopefully, this will allow me to avoid a confrontation with the cashier at the checkout. 

I have already had two minor hick ups @ Winn Dixie when my coupon wouldn't scan and @ Publix the cashier accused me of photocopying an internet coupon.  The cashier at Winn Dixie validated the coupon and entered it manually and I explained to the cashier at Publix that each internet coupon is numbered and since each one of mine had a different number there was no way I could have photocopied them. 

Having the coupon policy on hand is also a confidence booster!  I can walk up to the checkout knowing that the coupons I have are going to be accepted and no cashier is going to try to give me his/her version of the coupon policy because I'll have a copy of the store's policy in my binder.

KCL also suggests making an appointment with the store manager and going over the coupon policy with him/her and then having them sign it.  Not many cashiers are going to question a piece of paper with their store manager's signature on it!  It is something I hope to do in the near future.

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